Worth Saying Again…

It seems timely to repost our blog about portable CO Detectors.  The recent onslaught of carbon monoxide poisonings in public facilities should catch all of our attention and cause us to look at our surroundings with a heightened sense of awareness.

If you follow the news you have no doubt heard about the carbon monoxide poisoning in Baltimore, where a leak sent nine to the hospital earlier this month, incidents in a North Carolina hotel where three died last year, yesterday’s events at a hotel in Ogunquit, Maine where 21 complained of CO poisoning symptoms and seven were taken to the hospital, and the poisoning at a New York mall that sent 27 people to the hospital, and resulted in one death.


Remember, carbon monoxide has no order, no color and no taste and diminishes your body’s ability to absorb oxygen.  Symptoms can be mistaken for the flu in slow leak situations, and can render a person unconscious quickly in rapid leak situations.

There are a few options for personalized, portable carbon monoxide detectors.  The one shown here is the size of a key-fob and weighs less than an ounce.  

AEI has investigated hundreds of carbon monoxide poisoning incidents across the country in the last 37 plus years, and has state-of-the-art combustion analyzers for testing all types of gas appliances either on site or in our laboratory.  Our engineers are court-qualified, nationally-recognized and have worked large and high profile cases.

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