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Today we continue our discussion about the various types of witness interviews that can be used during a fire investigation.   Last week we covered in-person interviews and today we will talk briefly about written witness statements. 

Written statements are commonly requested from people who have witnessed a fire, or events leading up to or following a fire.  In addition to an informal interview a fire investigator will often follow-up by requesting a written statement from that same witness.  The written statement provides a documented recount of events in the witnesses’ own words and assists the investigator in the comparison of the verbal interview to what a witness commits to on paper.  Written statements provide another component that can be used to create a sequence of events and a timeline that can aid fire investigators in determining the direction or focus of an investigation.

Stay tuned.  Our next blog post will start to share information with our readers about causes and classifications of fires. 

AEI’s team of certified investigators (CFI and CFEI) and licensed engineers employ scientific methods to determine the origin and cause (O&C) of residential, commercial, industrial, motor vehicle, agricultural, and incendiary fires and explosions. Our team has investigated thousands of fires and explosions across the country ranging from small residential to large industrial losses of up to one hundred million dollars. AEI fire investigators and engineers not only do the O&C investigation, but can provide services across a broad spectrum of disciplines, including mechanical, electrical/electronics, chemical, structural, wood science, civil, and fire suppression and protection.

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