AEI Corporation – Featured Service Area – Chemical Accident Investigations

10117 SCHU 6-055Industrial accidents and accidents in the chemical process industry range from small-scale losses, with minor injuries, to high dollar property claims with fatalities and multiple injuries. Each incident typically involves a unique and/or proprietary process; however, what is common to these accidents, is the systematic, scientific approach required to determine the root cause. AEI follows this approach throughout the course of the investigation, including the initial site investigation, laboratory examination, and analyses. Regardless of the size, severity, or complexity of the incident, our experienced team of licensed engineers and certified investigators work together and, alongside private and public entities, to determine what led to the accident. Understanding the root cause of the incident helps our clients make informed decisions on how to handle the claim and prevent future recurrence.

Typical industrial and chemical-related areas analyzed and investigated by AEI include:
• Fire and explosion origin and cause
• Combustible dusts, grains, and powders
• Combustible and flammable (ignitable) liquids
• Reactive chemicals
• Specialty chemicals
• Chemical compatibility
• Self-heating materials
• Oxygen enriched atmospheres and oxidizers
• Fertilizers and pesticides
• Fireworks/pyrotechnics
• High explosives, detonators, and blasting caps
• Boilers and pressure vessels
• Process equipment
• Chemical releases and exposures
• Hazardous materials transportation
• Structural damage assessment
• Codes and standards compliance



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