Where in the World is AEI?


AEIWorld_WhereintheworldisAEI Corporation (Advanced Engineering Investigations) will have investigators on-site in the following locations between 07/14/14 and 07/28/14 – Hockessin, DE; Knoxville, TN; Naples, FL; Sonora, Huntington Beach, CA;  Jacksonville, NC; Rapid City, SD; Houston, TX; Telluride, Thornton, Denver and Littleton, CO. 
On July 18, 2014, AEI Corporation will be presenting “Safety Codes, OSHA and Electrical Safety” to Sedgwick at their office at CenturyLink in downtown Denver, CO, as part of AEI’s “On Tour” training program.  Cameron Novak, David Burnett, Dennis Shelp and Carol Chavez will be presenting.
On July 23 2014, AEI Corporation’s Cameron Novak and Todd Hedglin will be presenting “Arson Investigations” for the CSAA Insurance group in Colorado Springs, CO as part of the AEI “On Tour” training program. 
On July 25, 2014, Jay Freeman and John Schumacher will be presenting at the Colorado Defense Lawyers Association Summer Conference in Telluride, CO.  There presentation will include case studies of four complex accident investigations involving fire, explosions and carbon monoxide. Carol Chavez will be attending and at the AEI booth from July 23 through July 26, 2014.  If you are attending, we hope you will stop by, say hello and find out about upcoming events and services AEI can provide. If you have a project in any of these geographical areas get in touch, we may be able to save you money on travel time and expenses.
On August 14, 2014, AEI will be presenting, “Fire Sprinkler Systems – Know Your System and the Legal Aspects of a Loss.”  AEI’s Charles Sullivan will be joined by Lathrop and Gage, LLP’s, Keith Ray, to present this material.  You can register by visiting the AEI website at AEIengineers.com, or by calling Carol Chavez at 303.339.3223.
The Right Intel Solves the Problem.
Reach us at:  AEIengineers.com, (303) 756-2900, info@AEIengineers.com


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