Grill Safety

grill fireIt’s that time of year so many anxiously await, grilling season.  The Hearth, Patio & BBQ Association reports that 86% of U.S. households own a grill or a smoker.  While 62% of those households grill year-round, that percentage jumps between July 4th and Labor Day each year.

Many of us have seen and read about instances where someone is seriously injured when there is an accident involving a grill.  The National Fire Protection Association is one organization that reports on and tracks the number of fires, deaths, injuries and property damage related to grilling accidents.  Between 2007 – 2011 nearly 75% of all grill fires are reported to have occurred when using propane as the power source.

Dennis Shelp, MS, PE, CFI, CFEI and principal at AEI Corporation, will be presenting “A Study of Gas Grills and Fire Incidents” at the upcoming 2014 International Symposium on Fire Investigation, September 22-24, 2014.  This symposium is held at the University of Maryland campus.

Some interesting facts from the NFPA indicate that out of every six home structure fires where grills were involved, something flammable was kept too close to the grill.  Other leading factors in grill structure fires include, failing to clean the grill, leaks or breaks in the line, and unattended equipment.  It is always valuable to educate yourself on the proper use and safety of your grill.  We hope all of your grilling will be safe and delicious.



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