Where in the World is AEI?

AEI CorporaWorld_WhereintheworldisAEItion (Advanced Engineering Investigations) will have investigators on-site in the following locations between 09/17/14 and 09/24/14 – Sumner, TX; Huntley, MT; Louisville, KY ; Longbeach and La Puente, CA; Chicago, IL; College Park, MD; Sterling, Parker and Littleton, CO.
September 22-24, 2014
John L. Schumacher, Dennis E. Shelp, Zachary J. Jason and Charles B. Sullivan will be presenting at the 2014 International Symposium on Fire Investigation (ISFI) being held at the University of Maryland.  ISFI is a professional symposium specializing in the application of modern fire science and technology to fire investigations and analyses.
Ignition Propensity of Cannabis (Marijuana) Cigarettes – Zachary J. Jason, Dennis E. Shelp, John L. Schumacher, Todd J. Hedglin (4:40 pm on 9/22/14)
All Up In Your Grill:  a Look at Gas Grills and Fire Incidents – Dennis E. Shelp, John (Jay) M. Freeman, John L. Schumacher, Zachary J. Jason (2:50 pm on 9/23/14)
Investigation of the Explosion at the Conagra Slim Jim Plant – John L. Schumacher, Scott G. Davis (4:40 pm on 9/23/14)
Commercial Cooking Operation-Related Fires – Charles B. Sullivan, John L. Schumacher (1:oo pm on 9/24/14)
October 3, 2014 
Colorado Claims Association annual conference at the Inverness Hotel in Englewood, CO – Carol Chavez and Todd Hedglin attending.
October 8 – 10, 2014 
Nebraska State Bar Association annual conference at the Embassy Suites in La Vista, NE – Carol Chavez and Dennis Shelp attending.
October 16, 2014
Colorado Chapter of Casualty and Property Underwriters annual I Day Event at the Inverness Hotel in Englewood, CO.  Carol Chavez attending, John Schumacher and David Burnett presenting, Defending a Premises Liability Claim.
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