What You Should Know About the Dangers of Butane Hash Oil Production

Sadly, this week gives us yet another example of what happens when people attempt hash oil production using butane. The butane that is often used creates a situation where people are unaware of just how much butane vapor is around them. From there, a spark or flame easily creates an explosion. The explosion in Black Hawk on 12.01.14 resulted in the demolition of a home, the loss of a family pet, and the gentleman attempting the production suffering severe burns. There was another has oil explosion that injured a man just last Friday night in Commerce City, CO.

Advanced Engineering Investigations (AEI) Corporation’s experts are experienced in investigating these types of accidents. Not long ago both 7News Denver and News5 from Colorado Springs, asked AEI to conduct demonstrations showing what happens in a butane explosion. You can see that video above. It is a powerful video I encourage you to take the time to watch.

John L. Schumacher, MChE, PE, CFI, CFPS, and Zachary Jason, PE, CFEI, have presented on the subject of butane hash oil explosions across the country. If you and/or your organization are interested in learning more, or you require an experienced investigator, give AEI a call. The Right Intel Solves The Problem -(303) 756-2900 – info@AEIengineers.com.

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