Structure vs. Wild Land Fire Investigations Course Offered, 2/20/15 at AEI Corporation -(CO, WY and TX CE, and WY CLE Approved Course)

There are still a few open seats for the upcoming February 20, 2015 seminar at AEI Corporation, hosted at their headquarters at 8197 W. Brandon Drive in Littleton, CO.

T5811.2 overall.croppedhe course will provide a brief introduction into the necessary knowledge required to conduct an origin and cause investigation for structural and wild land fires, and explore the differences between the two.

Topics will include basic fire science/dynamics, fire investigation methodology, the scientific method, basic interviewing and information collection techniques, and exploration of fire setters and their sub-types.

As a practical exercise,  students will be given the opportunity to explore methods of interviewing and information gathering to gain insight into how fire setters think.

Todd J. Hedglin, CFI, CFEI, is the seminar instructor and is a fire and Todd1explosion origin and cause investigator.  Mr. Hedglin was a fire fighter for 19 years and has taught fire origin and cause, fire behavior, and fire dynamics classes at AEI Corporation, as well as at the North Washington Fire District Fire Academy.

The course is relevant to insurance industry professionals, attorneys and multiple levels of investigators including law enforcement and the fire service.  It will provide a basic working knowledge of how fire investigation methodology is applied in different settings, and how to gain the most from your information collecting.  Attendees will gain a better understanding of the importance of getting a qualified expert involved, and how effective interviewing and information gathering can affect a trial down the road.

To obtain more information, or to register for this seminar you can click here, or you can contact Carol Chavez, Business & Marketing Manager at (303) 339-3223,

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