AEI’s Alphabet Soup – Sharing Recipe Secrets

soup picWe hope many of you have visited the website.  When you have, you may have noticed that our investigators have a long string of acronyms, aka “alphabet soup,” following their names or listed in their resumes.

This blog series is dedicated to demystifying what all those letters mean.  This week we will focus on David T. Burnett who carries the following credentials:

MS –  Mr. Burnett has his BS in Civil/Structural engineering and his Masters in Wood Science & Building Materials Technology.

PE –  He is a certified Professional Engineer in the states of AZ, CO, KS, MT, NE, NM, OK, TX, UT and WY.

CFPS – Certified Fire Protection Specialist.   Mr. Burnett meets the criteria for this designation by holding a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, and passing a three hour examination that covers material referenced in the National Fire Protection Association Handbook that tests for understanding about subjects such as,  minimum acceptable flow at the base of a riser, life safety code related to egress and a continuous path of travel,  fire detection devices, heat detectors, chemical storage safety, the method of heating gravity tank water, etc.

HAZWOPER – Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard (HAZWOPER).  This designation was received when Mr. Burnett completed, and continues to maintain, training on the OSHA recognized syllabus on items such as personal protective equipment, toxicology, site safety plans, sanitization, decontamination, and more.

OSHA Authorized Trainer –  To achieve this designation, Mr. Burnett  was required to have five years of construction safety experience, and successfully complete courses covering OSHA policies, procedures and standards, as well as construction safety and health principles.  Mr. Burnett’s background and this designation mean that he is able to assist with OSHA citation issues related to injury accident investigations.

We hope you enjoyed today’s soup.  Join us next week when we’ll uncover a new recipe.




Mr. Burnett has been a civil/structural engineer since 1991, and has more than 15 years experience in forensic and research consulting.  He has evaluated hundreds of buildings and sites for issues related to site preparation (excavation, grading, drainage, etc.), foundations, structural capacity, the building envelope (roofing, cladding, moisture management systems, insulation, etc.), and interior finishes.  Mr. Burnett is highly experienced in residential and heavy timber construction, wood science, and construction defect litigation.  He has also provided expert testimony and is commonly called upon to provide building and life safety code analysis and OSHA regulation consulting for personal injury cases.                                        The Right Intel Solves The Problem

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